Social Distance Barriers

Clarity Sheild

by Draper, Inc.

As a sales representative for Draper, Inc. in the Mid-South, we now offer a new line of their social distancing barriers. These barriers are designed to help keep people safe while conducting in-person instruction or business. Made of lightweight clear vinyl with aluminum frame, these shields can be set on tabletops in classrooms or meeting rooms. Clarity Shield can be cleaned using common cleaning products and when used with other social distancing protocols can help prevent the spread of airborne viruses.


           Clarity Sheild 3                                                   Clarity Sheild 4 


         Clarity shield 5                                                 clarity shield xl

Draper's line of Clarity Shields are offered in three, four, and five panel table top options. There is also a free-standing portable option for standing protection situations. For more information on Draper's line of social distance barriers visit or email Division 10, Inc. at






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